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How do I start?

Step 1: Call us.

Sometimes fear of the unknown can feel paralyzing. Let us help you see options available to you. We will explain the process in a clear and concise way that will put your mind at ease. Call us for your¬†free¬†consultation. We don’t believe in trying to communicate over email back and forth. We’ll simply take care of all your questions on the phone to ensure you are feeling more at ease about the process and all of your options.

Step 2: Prepare.

Five Things To Do BEFORE Attending Mediation

  1. Gather up personal paperwork and factual information that will be needed.

  2. List things you want to discuss.

  3. Consider speaking to a lawyer. Many offer free consultations.

  4. Think about how to handle or manage the emotions that might come up.

  5. Consider how fees will be split. Eg: 50-50, based on income, etc…


Choose your outcome rather than have one imposed on you in court.

Contact us to find out what your options are and get answers to your questions.